THE list of explicit are endless!

Confusion still reigns over the lockdown (or what you may call it) which was supposed to go into full force today.

This Nationwide Movement Control has since its announcement on Monday night has seen numerous variations.

What remains unchanged is human traffic movement.

This naturally begs the question what lies ahead since Wednesday, March 18, was only Day-1.

The Nationwide Movement Control order was imposed under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988.

Failure to take heed of the gazette would result in a RM1,000 fine, imprisonment or both.
Health Ministry director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah reiterated his call for all to take advise seriously and remain indoors.

“It’s the first day of the Movement Control Order in our country. In simple words, just stay at home and distance yourself from others,” he said in a posting on Facebook.


Stressing that failure in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak was not an option, Dr Noor Hisham also warned of the possible dangers that lie ahead should society take the situation lightly.

“We could face a third wave of the virus, and the next one will bigger like a tsunami, what more if we take a lackadaisical attitude,” he said.

On Monday, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin declared that a nationwide Movement Control Order would be enforced to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the country.
Malaysia recorded its first two COVID-19 deaths on Tuesday.

And they’re all trumpeting the same clarion call… “Stay home and do not go out.”

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador told Bernama the order was implemented for the sake of national security and public order, and was not a curfew.

“As such, the public should not spread unverified or fake news which can create uneasiness and worry that the movement control order was similar to a Curfew Order.”

But the situation has proven to be very fluid and various varied announcements were made.

Food courts remain open resulting in polices’ motorcycle patrol unit appearing ordering shutdown, leaving observers to wonder whether if it had to resort to such physical uniformed appearance to ensure law and order.

A similar scene was evident in Banting where local council enforcement were reportedly jeered on for ordering the open-air market to be cleared.

All this information seemed to be more prominent over social media so what constitutes fake news leaves one baffled.

In New Delhi on Wednesday morning, chaos reigned at the international airport’s Terminal 3.

Arriving passengers both local and foreign complained how their passports were taken for holding only to be returned once test results are available.

Meanwhile, travellers not allowed to exit from the terminal. Some Malaysian students also remain stranded at the terminal as their medical colleges in Manipal have been ordered closed for one month.

Clips of travellers locked out of airports in India raised the alert for Malaysia’s diplomatic missions there to assist more than 200 stranded there due to cancellations.
This came about after flights from Afghanistan, Philippines and Malaysia to India were suspended since Tuesday.

While some were able to be uploaded onto other flights, efforts were still underway to allow Malaysia carriers to be allowed to special flights for the mutual benefit of both countries.
While there remain Malaysians stranded in India, the republics’ citizens remain stranded here too following their Government’s Tuesday announcement.

In the North, checks revealed the entry points were slow with traffic although it remained the school holiday season.

While down South the chaos which ensued on Tuesday following lockdown has taken an ease as many Malaysians who shuttle daily have decided to remain in Singapore for their work.

More than 20 years ago, a state of emergency was declared in Sarawak when the Air Pollutant Index breached hazardous levels deemed a haze disaster.

The situation then was so bad even State leaders spearheaded humanitarian mission to the United States to secure technique and expertise to battle the state of fear which blanketed timber rich Sarawak.

The declaration meant state-wide curfew imposed for 10 days.
Do we need such, again?

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