KUALA LUMPUR – The National Press Club (NPC) has launched the Muhibbah Awards to recognise selfless individuals, groups, or organisations that best exemplify the true spirit of goodwill in Malaysia.

Speaking to the media at the press conference, NPC president Datuk Ahirudin Attan said the awards is a collaboration with enterprise solutions platform provider Macrokiosk, as they are the title sponsor.

“Many acts of selfless service have gone under the radar, and we feel it is time that kindness gets noticed and recognised.

“We hope this awards series will lead to our society and our country becoming strong, more resilient, and more united.

“In NPC, we are represented by members from a cross-section of media establishments. The spirit of goodwill is what holds us together, both in the club and as a nation,” he said at the launch of the awards here last night.

The Muhibbah Awards will be a monthly recognition, with winners selected by a panel on a rotational basis comprising media editors and senior journalists.

One of the criteria stated that anyone who walks the extra mile for any person, cause, organisation, or even plants and animals in the most altruistic sense could be nominated.

It also states that anyone from any nationality can also be listed as long as they promote and support a worthy cause without regard to race, faith, gender, or ideology.

The awards carry a cash endowment of RM2,000 for the winner or their nominated cause.

Nominations can be sent to [email protected].

Credit – The Vibes, April 6, 2023 (Julie Jalaluddin)

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