Socso for journalists and musicians


IN these times of uncertainty, the Social Security Organisation (Socso) has rolled out a financial security blanket for journalists without employment and even musicians.

On Wednesday, a four-man team from Socso, led by Wan Rozaimi Wan Ibrahim, attended to queries at the National Press Club premises in Jalan Tangsi and assisted them to join the Self-Employment Social Security Scheme.

It was an informative night for club members National Press Club of Malaysia members as they signed up for the latest Socso scheme.

All the members had to do was to produce their identification card and NPC membership card. Those who signed up were grateful as the scheme does not have an age limit.

The Self-Employment Social Security Scheme was introduced to provide protection for individuals who are self-employed under the provisions of the Self-Employment Social Security Act 2017.

The scheme was initially compulsory for those taxi drivers, e-hailing drivers and bus drivers under the provisions of the Self-Employment Social Security Act 2017, which took effect on 1 June 2017.

However, at the beginning of this year, the scheme was extended to 19 other sectors including online business, professional services, agents and arts (journalism).

Recently even musicians were deemed members of the arts and so far at least 30 such talents signed up.

With a minimum contribution of RM13.10 per month, the scheme provides protection for self-employed insured persons against employment injuries including occupational diseases and accidents during work-related activities.

This scheme also provides cash benefits to the insured individual and his or her dependent, on top of medical treatment, physical rehabilitation and vocational training.

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