ONO, an evening with Ganesh on stage


“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Ganesh…” is expected to come over the speakers depending on who the emcee maybe tomorrow night.

The former journo turned musician entertainer will take Friday centre stage at the National Press Club mi casa es su casa at Jalan Tangsi off Jalan Parlimen (across the road from Bank Negara). Performance kicks off at 7.30pm.

Rest assured there would not be ripples of laughter at this One Night Only performance.

The versatile entertainer, who hails from way down south before the causeway, would prove his mettle as his fingers tinkle the electronic ivory keys and members of the audience who remain unsure what to expect, can come prepared to let their hair down as they snap their fingers and stomp their feet.

The entertainment ONO @ NPC an idea conceptualised by budding entrepreneurs will see Ganesh mesmerise the crowd with his array of oldies of various genre and rhapsody, not Bohemian though.

He also delivers the tunes of his with ease in multiple languages being the bilinguist he is. Whether he will show his flutist skills… remains cloaked under secrecy.

It will surely be a night of merriment coupled with drinks moderately priced, great food peppered and prepped by NPCs’ very own Masterchef Loy.

Members and their guests should take this as an opportune moment to chill out tonight with fellow members and friends of the fraternity.

For its said… “If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it.”

Be there or miss out on a great nite ONO @ NPC.

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