KUALA LUMPUR: Veteran Malaysian journalist Fabian Dawson has been named a recipient of Canada’s Bruce Hutchison Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s Jack Webster Awards.

Dawson, who began his career at the New Straits Times and Malay Mail before migrating to Canada, is the first Asian to win the award, which is one of the most prestigious journalism accolades in Canada.

The award recognises the careers of senior reporters and editors in Canada who have excelled in their communities for work of long-lasting significance, clarity, fairness and innovation.

Before leaving for Canada in 1988, Dawson worked at the New Straits Times, Malay Mail and Malaysian Business.

“I guess it’s fitting that I am in Malaysia, as this news breaks, the birthplace of my journalism career.

“In the Malay Mail and the New Straits Times, where I spent much of my career, I was always taught to tell the story from the perspective of the people impacted rather than the prism of politicians, police and special interest groups.

“This has always been fundamental for me,” Dawson was quoted as saying by the Malay Mail.

He also credited his mentor, veteran journalist Frankie D’Cruz, for much of his success.

Dawson currently operates SeaWestNews.com while acting as a strategic consultant for several global companies.

Dawson’s work, particularly during his stint in India, inspired the creation of four documentary films and a made-for-TV movie.

In 2004, Dawson was named a recipient of the Unsung Hero of Canadian Journalism award by the Canadian National Newspaper Awards Board of Governors.

As a journalist, Dawson has worked in Asia, Europe as well as North and Central America.

He was also recognised for his contributions by the Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers Society, the Vancouver Fashion Week and the Sikh religious authority in Punjab, India.

Dawson is a highly sought-after media commentator on Asian affairs and has been invited to speak to members of parliament in Canada’s House of Commons on matters related to national security and at international seminars sponsored by organisations like the United Nations.

By Kalbana Perimbanayagam  Source NST

Picture Source: nst.com.my

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