Frontliners will continue working round-the-clock without fear to break the chain of infection.

MOVEMENT control extended by another two weeks until April 28, as the nations’ battle against the Covid-19 pandemic is far from over.

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin urged Malaysians to remain united as the spread of the pandemic could be contained.

“Let me remind you the war on Covid-19 is not over yet. The fight is still on. We are doing well so far, so just uplift your spirit and continue to fight. If we persevere, InsyaAllah we will win,” he said in a special nationwide live broadcast on Friday.

In fact, Muhyiddin further said, efforts to fight the outbreak should be intensified to break the chain of transmission, including by focusing on target groups identified as the source of the spread of the disease.

The Prime Minister also instructed the Inspector-General of Police, Chief of Defence Forces, Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency tighten enforcement at borders to prevent foreigners sneaking in illegally.

Schools will remain closed until the pandemic was overcome.

He also extended salutations to the great people who are working together to help the country the pandemic.

The frontline workers in health and security, as well as those in the food preparation and delivery sectors, have been playing a vital role in nurturing family relationships among them, regardless of their race and religion.

”Thank you to the generous people who pack food for the frontline workers. They do it for free without expecting anything in return.

“The same goes to those of you who work to deliver food. Whether it’s Grab food, Panda food or others, you take the risk. Other people sit at home, you leave the house to make sure other people can eat.

“You are doing a noble job. My advice, take care of your health, stay safe, don’t speed when riding your motorcycle. You are also great people,” Bernama quoted his address.

The MCO extension, the Prime Minister said, was to give space to healthcare personnel battling the outbreak, apart from preventing the virus from spreading again.

“This action is in line with the view of WHO (World Health Organization), which suggested that countries should not end the movement control order too early, and has happened in several countries, the spread of the disease increased again when the order was lifted.”

The MCO was first enforced nationwide from March 18 to 31 before it was extended into Phase Two (April 1 to 14).

The Ministry of Health (MOH) briefing Friday morning showed the MCO had somewhat reduced the rate of infection and spread of the outbreak.

Efforts put in place taken had resulted in positive cases being brought under control at seven percent, which was below the WHO benchmark.

Muhyiddin said the fatality rate was also low (at 1.6 percent compared to 5.8 percent at the global level), while 43 per cent or 1,830 of the COVID-19 patients in the country had recovered and discharged.

Malaysia, the Prime Minister said, could not afford to view the situation lightly although the latest reports showed that the implementation of the MCO had helped to contain the spread to a level that is quite stable.

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