By: Kharishar Kahfi
The Jakarta Post

Indonesian journalist Veby Mega Indah, who was hit by a bullet in ongoing protests in Hong Kong, could lose eyesight in one eye as a result of injuries, according to a statement from her lawyer.

Veby’s lawyer, Michael Vidler, said in a statement on Wednesday that doctors treating the journalist had told her that the injuries could cause permanent damage to her right eye.

“She was informed that the pupil of her [right]eye had been ruptured by the force of the impact,” Vidler said in the statement.

He added that doctors had yet to determine the percentage of permanent impairment in Veby’s right eye, as it could only be assessed after surgery.

The lawyer also stated that Veby’s family members had arrived in Hong Kong.

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Veby was hit by a rubber bullet while covering a demonstration in the Wan Chai area of Hong Kong, China. She works for Suara, an Indonesian-language newspaper in Hong Kong. A tweet showed a photo of Veby with a bandage around her eye while receiving medical attention.

“We can also confirm that we have received evidence from a third party that indicates the projectile that blinded Ms. Indah was a rubber bullet, not a beanbag round as originally thought,” Vidler said.


Article & Picture Source; The Jakarta Post

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