THIS was the advice for those who show suspected Covid-19 symptoms from part-time broadcast presenter Tengku Amylia Tengku Perang.

The Bernama Radio staff knows what she’s talking about after having spent more than a week at the Sungai Buloh Hospital after she was diagnosed with the infection recently.

 “Prayers, positive attitude and family support proved essential to help me pull through the trying moments,” she said during her ‘Temu Bual Radio’ interview.

She spent five days under intensive care at the hospital when tested positive for the infection.

Tengku Amylia said she first fell sick on March 8, and was confirmed positive on March 14 after undergoing screenings.

On her first night at the hospital, she had breathing difficulties and was transferred to the ICU, immediately provided respiratory aid.

“I was totally flat out, I had no energy whatsoever,” Bernama uoted her.

Anyone, she added, who showed symptoms of Covid-19 should immediately go to hospital for the best medical treatment.

“Allhamdulillah, I am very grateful to the Sungai Buloh Hospital because they gave me the best service and treated me like family.”

Tengku Amylia also advised the public not to be afraid or to hide any information if they had any symptoms or were at risk of infection.

“Do not be afraid or hide anything because the doctors know what they are doing, what needs to be done, and they will give us the best treatment if we are infected,” she said.

She also reminded the public to get the correct information on pandemic and not to make negative speculations about patients.

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